Re-stumping also referred to as re-blocking is a process that involves changing of the timber that is placed on the ground after you realize t is rotten or not strong enough. Therefore it is always advisable that you keep on checking your stumps just to make sure that they are still in good condition and in case they are not you will be able to change them so as to avoid the structure from falling. If your structure is big, you may require hiring a professional restumping company as to replace the stumps for you, but if it is small and you have skills, you can do it on your own.

Let’s look at the process one should follow when re-stumping

  • Remove the structure

The first step one should take is by removing the structure which is placed on top of the stump. Use a jack to raise the house and insert wood to support it do this to all the stumps as it will help you be able to move the structure without difficulties. Then after you are done raising the structure, remove it slowly so you can go to the next step

  • Eliminate the stumps.

After you are done with removing the structure now, you can start to remove the stumps. If the stumps are made of wood, you can cut them using a chainsaw as this will reduce their size allowing you to remove them quickly. Then dig around the place where the stump so as to loosen the soil and make it easy to remove. After you shake and feel that the stump has loosened, then pull it from the ground.

  • Remove all the stumps and make holes.

Remove all the stumps that are around that area and after you are done make new holes. The good thing about reblocking is that you don’t have to dig up new holes you can always use the existing ones. All you have t do is clear the loose soil that may be in the holes or if you wish to use bigger stumps, you can always increase the depth of the hole so the new block can fit in.

  • Underpin the stumps

After making the holes then slide in the stumps in all the holes and make sure that they are at the same level. If you realize they are not the same you can measure to check if the holes have the same depth, or check the stumps are the same size. Then fill the hole with soil and make sure that the blocks are strongly supported and are not loose so as to ensure that the blocks will actively support the structure and are on the same level as well.

  • Place the structure.

After putting all the stumps on the position then lower the structure on top of the structure. Make sure it is well resting on the underpinned blocks such that is not hanging on one side.


If you realize that you cannot be able to replace your stumps on your own, then you can always contact a professional builder to re-stump for you.

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